Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things!

I hope!

Funny way to start The Angriest Man in the World blog, but while I may be angry, I still hope.

I hope that the things, great and small that I rant about, get better. I hope that people will strive to find solutions to ALL that makes living on this small planet of ours difficult. I hope that the solutions I offer are helpful. I hope that anyone reading this blog will understand where the anger comes from and try to understand the importance of stopping the insanity that has enveloped us.

Let me state this early... I am an American. This blog is not written from the point of view of a world citizen... I don't believe they exist. The anger spat out here comes from an American perspective. I am not some right-wing religious nut or some left-wing socialist whack-job, I am middle of the road, taking what I believe is best from both sides and leaving all the crap behind.

There will be vulgarity in my rants... oh yes, there will be! Sorry, but often my anger gets the best of me. If you are offended by bad language or VERY un-PC speak, then do not visit this blog.

I often tell my wife (yes, I am married) that I hate everyone. This isn't exactly true... I only hate most people. I hate the people who do not respect other peoples' rights. I hate people who try to force their opinions onto others... here you have the option to not visit the blog, I will not be showing up in front of your house with a megaphone, invading your space.

I hope that this blog will help me to work out my frustrations and to be a better man. I hope that it may do the same for you (man or woman)... if it doesn't, fuck it, it's my blog, so piss off. See, I told you to watch out.

I hope this blog can start a revolution of sanity and common sense... or at least get people to put their damn turn signals on before they switch lanes... the levels of hope here will vary, as will the success to which we achieve them... but for now...

I hope!